a sauce for every taste

The ambiance of the chip shop just can’t be beaten: it’s by far the best place to meet people and have a good time together. Of course, La William sauces are an essential part of this. With more then 30 varieties with a distinct and smooth flavour, every dish and every meal becomes a veritable feast with La William!

The flavour of La William’s ‘Andalouse’ sauce is unequalled: just that little bit different, just that little bit better. La William is always keen to regularly introduce new sauces. As a culinary trendsetter, La William offers an extensive range that always meets the approval of the changing tastes and needs.

La William, an unequalled taste!


unbeatable service

La William offers a spicy mix of quality and sophistication in a series of exclusive products. Our service is also unbeatable, with our dedicated sales team always ready to listen to our customer's needs and to offer advice, support and the right solution.

in the spotlights

La William presents its new tubes! Available from the 1st of Septembre

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